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If you don't give up easily, and keep believing that even in your hardest moments, you will be able to see rainbows once again!

The Logo : I picked umbrella because it is a sign of protection, and able to give us proper shelter. I lend you my umbrella to throw all your problems inside, bring somewhere to throw away all your problems. Return my umbrella back so I can lend it to others next.

The Motto : Sheltering you from anguish

- Able to lend you a listening ear

- Able to give you proper advices

- Able to make you feel better

The Purpose :

To guide you to better ways.

Provides guidance:

Relationship Issues

Life / Suicidal Issues

Family / Friends Issues

Depression Issues

~ABOUT ROBYN~ chingartfun.com

Besides art, I also have a passion for counselling, graphics designing and pastry making. I love to learn new things, and upgrade myself. Despite my shyness from young until now, I am still trying my best to overcome my fears. Stepping out is the only way to face my fears and I hope my stories can be useful for my readers along the way and let us believes that, no matter what happens, we must keep hanging on and fight for our dreams.

In life, everyone of us will meet with problems, and I think that it is nice if someone can be there for us during our most difficult situations. Feel free to contact me and I will try my best to help you in any way I can!





Feel free to whatsapp me at 93968720 if you are lost, and you are not the sociable kind like me. I am willing to be your friend and chat with you via whatsapp. But, this is only for serious business. Do note that I do not answer to unknown calls.

Disclaimer: My website (robyntan.net) and its content is owned by the owner unless stated otherwise. This website is trying to help readers to pull through tough moments. I apologize for my mistakes in English, and if you don't agree to my opinions. The owner is only giving advices and does not hold any responsiblities if it doesn't work on you. Once again, thank you for visiting, and feel free to email me so I can improve on this website.